We know how scary dental pain can be. Dental pain can cause sleepless nights, missed work or school, and discomfort which can seem never-ending. We believe in being there for our patients.

Sometimes dental pain can happen because it has been a while since you have been able to go see a dentist. We completely understand and aim to provide a supportive and judgement-free zone for you to come. Find a strong and supportive partnership for your oral health and feel at home enough to trust us to help get you out of your pain. The fact that you are making an appointment and finally coming in to see us is a huge win and we love celebrating this step, which we know can take courage, with you!

Sometimes, it is also hard to know if that dental pain is normal, if it is something that will heal on its own, or is a true emergency. Especially with pain, those lines tend to blend and can lead to confusion and anxiety. We are here to help.


If you can see swelling in your neck, have difficulty breathing or swallowing, you need to either call 911 or go to the ER.

We worry about these symptoms because they can become something called Ludwig’s Angina or other swelling of contained spaces. Basically, if a bacterial infection spreads from a tooth to your neck, the swelling can close off your throat. This is one way that dental swellings become life-threatening. If these symptoms develop, they can progress quickly. In the Denver Metro area, the Denver Health hospital is the most equipped to see dental emergencies (because of on-staff dental residents), but any hospital which is close can also help to give you the care you need. Any emergency or hospital dental visit should also be followed up by a dental visit with a dentist in a clinic. If you call us and let us know that you have gone to the hospital for dental pain, we will get you into our clinic within the next business day.

If you notice a loose tooth without dental trauma, you need to be seen as soon as possible for a comprehensive exam.

Loose teeth are usually caused by periodontal disease, which means that in order to fix this problem, you likely need a cleaning and total mouth game plan for re-establishing oral health. Let us know that a loose tooth is your primary concern when making the appointment so that we can schedule you for a comprehensive exam.

Oral trauma can cause fractures or loose teeth also.

Oral trauma can be from getting hit in the face, falling on ice, having a motor vehicle accident or many other things. If you feel pain within your bones, pain or locking jaw, or open lacerations inside or outside of your mouth, you should go into the ER to rule out broken bones or needing stitches. If your tooth comes outside of your mouth, it is best to rinse the tooth with milk and then reinsert into the socket as soon as possible and then call the office for an immediate emergency visit. Clean off debris but do not try to scrub off any attached tissue. If reinserting into the socket is not possible, keep tooth under tongue and go to the dentist immediately. The sooner the tooth is back into the socket, the higher the chances of saving the tooth.

If a tooth chips or cracks, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible.

If a tooth chips or cracks, there is no need to reinsert the tooth particle. You can save it in a clean plastic baggie to help your dentist identify what broke but it is not necessary if you cannot find the chipped part. If you swallowed the chip part, that is also nothing to worry about as tooth and filling particles should pass without problem. Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to see how best to resolve the problem.

If a crown cracks or comes off, you can reinsert the crown using toothpaste.

If the crown comes off without taking tooth structure or filling material with it and there are no cavities underneath, the dentist may be able to re-cement it. This is why it is important to try and keep the crown, clean and in a plastic bag, and take it to the appointment with you. Even if the crown needs to be redone, having the crown can be helpful to create a temporary crown. The crown does not need to be reinserted but if you having pain or sensitivity, you can fill the crown’s inside surface with toothpaste and use that to help cover the tooth remaining to avoid pain.

For these or any other emergency situations, we would be happy to help you. Some things that we do differently for our patients:

  • If you call or text the office number after hours, you get connected to Dr. Jyothi’s cell phone, which means that you have immediate and unencumbered access to your doctor when you need her.

  • If you need an emergency appointment due to pain, we can often give you appointment within the next business day.

  • We have an army of amazing specialists ready to help you with even the most complicated issues.

  • We have technology that can help us treat issues with more reliability and comfort for the patient.

  • We have insurance experts on staff that can help you utilize your benefits for any appointment or treatment.

  • If you do not have insurance, we have a very affordable and easy in-house insurance alternative plan to help make any dentistry you need affordable without red tape or exclusions.

If you are worried about your teeth or are in pain, let us help you. You can easily request an appointment with us online and get the care you need quickly and comfortably.