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How to Choose Your Family Dentist

Young Child Getting Teeth InspectedChoosing a dentist is a tough choice. As a mother myself, I understand how important the right care for your family can be. And living in amazing Parker, CO you have lot’s of choices! That is why we want to help you choose the right provider for your family. Someone who will be your partner in your care. Someone who will help you reach your optimal oral health. And should you choose us to partner with your oral health, it would be our honor to care for you and your family. Read on to find out how to find the best dentist in Parker, CO.

It is hard to really note the differences between different providers. In fact, we all hold the same degree and we all did the same amount of schooling. But there are things which differentiate providers and these are all things you can look into when finding the right provider for your family.  You can check their online reputation and see if they have good reviews online. You can also check their social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) to catch a glimpse inside of their practice and what their practice philosophies are. You can schedule a consultation and see if the dentist is good at explaining the treatment and answering your questions.

Make sure your dentist believes in full body health.

Our current medical system is built with silos. These are the silos that Dr. Singh is spending her career trying to break down. Just look at how medical health is set up. Your medical insurance covers your body but does not cover your oral health and, many times, your mental health. But the body does not have stop signs which separate your different types of health. At our practice, we believe in helping you not only optimize your oral health but also your full body health. Did you know that having active periodontal disease increases your risk for a heart attack by 3 times? Many common systemic conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension or high blood pressure and cancer can be effected by your oral health and vice versa. So we believe in bridging the gap. This means that we take blood pressure at our visits to help catch systemic conditions and diagnose them earlier. We do this so we can be advocates for our patients and their health. We also take a thorough medical history every year and help you find the resources and partners to help get the care you need. Also, Dr. Singh strongly believes in open and strong lines of communication between providers. This means that if you have questions about drug interactions or how your dental care is affected by your systemic conditions, she will pick up the phone and have open conversations with your pharmacist, primary care doctor or surgeon. She believes in the same line of communications with her specialists too. Your care is extremely important to us which means that we become advocates on your behalf, creating a team of professionals in your life whose primary goal is your well being.

Make sure your dentist believes in continuing education.

Dentists go to school for upwards of 8 years to perfect their craft but the education cannot and should not end there. Medical sciences are a very dynamic and ever changing field. Especially with technology contributing to new gold standards of care, the care we can provide changes quickly. There are new procedures and new findings which help with the care that we are able to provide which is exactly why we are dedicated to maximizing the continuing education we pursue. The State of Colorado requires dental practitioners to complete 30 hours of continuing education per two year cycle. But Dr. Singh holds herself to higher standards to make sure we provide bar none care for our patients. Dr. Singh has a personal goal of completing over 100 hours of continuing education PER YEAR. That is over 6 times the state mandated amount. We devour continuing education and continue to learn as much as we can so that we can provide the best evidence based care possible.

Make sure your dentist believes in evidence based care.

Evidence based care means that everything we do has data to back it up. It means that everything from the type of cleaning which is recommended to how often we recommend it is done so because of research and science. Evidence based care is the gold standard of medical care and so it is important that your provider believes in it and also keeps up on the data. Dr. Singh incorporates reading research into her weekly routine and keeps up on the data so she can provide care that is gentle, effective and based by science.

Make sure your dentist uses technology to give you the best care.

Technology is an important way to raise the bar with the type of care your dentist can provide and in our practice, this is why we invest in it. Make sure you ask your provider about the technology they use and how it helps provide better care should you need it. Does your dentist have the ability to do digital impressions which are both more comfortable for you and much more accurate to get a better fitting crown or bridge? Does your dentist have the ability to take 3D images using conebeam technology so that they can see if that tooth really does have an infection or if the root canal really does seal up the entire nerve? Does your doctor have laser technology to help zap cold sores that heal in 24 hours or to heal periodontal disease which does not respond to traditional therapy? Does your practice have special LED imaging for oral cancer so they can detect cellular changes faster, diagnose earlier and thereby give a better chance of survival? Does your practice have digital xrays which double the diagnostic capability while decreasing the radiation emitted by 70%? Ours done. We would love to tell you all about it! Schedule a free technology consult.

Make sure your dentist knows their stuff, enough to teach others.

The age old adage shows that the people who know their stuff, teach it. Dr. Singh is exceptionally passionate about dentistry and takes a lot of pride in the care she provides. But it goes one step above that. When she is not in her practice, she travels internationally to speak and help other dentists learn. She teaches not only clinical dentistry but also for education in leadership, personal development, business, and wellness. She is also a national advocate for women in leadership and for work life balance. So when looking for a dental provider, look for someone who stands for the things you stand for and someone who teaches the care that you receive.

Make sure your dentist is an advocate for community.

Ask your dentist if they give back to the community? Does the care you receive help them care for others? Are they an active part of the neighborhood in which you live or work? Do they contribute to the dental community and help dentistry move forward to provide better care? Are the involved in any dental organizations?

A dentist is not just a medical provider but should be an involved and contributing member of her community. Dr. Singh takes this very seriously. She is not only an involved member of the dental community but she also serves in the community she practices in. It is a part of our practice philosophy that we give back. So as a patient of our practice, you are helping us pay it forward to those less fortunate. We provide free care to those in need on days like Give Kids a Smile and participate in community events like Main Street Trick or Treat. We love embedding ourselves into the community which has given us so much. We know it’s a privilege and an honor to practice in such an amazing community. Dr. Singh also knows that being a dental provider is an honor and believes that she should not only spend her career providing the best care possible but also giving back to the profession so we can collectively continue to set the bar higher for the care we can provide. This is why Dr. Singh serves in organized dentistry on multiple committees and chair roles- to help doctors be healthier and more empowered providers.

Make sure your dentist is driven by relationships.

What is a relationship based practice? It means that being your partners in care is the most important thing for us. It means that we build a relationship with our patients that is built on trust. It means that we want to arm you with all the tools you need and set you up for success to optimize your oral and full body health. It means that no matter what, we want our care to help you, drive you forward and empower you to be the healthiest person that you can be. Your care is more than just numbers or codes. You are more than just a chart or a set of teeth. In our practice, you are family. Caring for you is why we get up in the morning. What does that look like? It means being able to sit down with your doctor and ask her questions before she tilts you back on the dental chair and looks at your teeth. It means being able to call or text your doctor when you need her. It means building a plan together which addresses your concerns and is built on our own timeline. It means being comfortable, being at home and being as healthy as possible. It means Smiling Always.

Make sure your dentist takes oral cancer very seriously.

Your dentist is likely the only person in your medical team who is looking inside of your mouth for a thorough oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is dangerous and very difficult to detect early. Almost one person per hour dies of oral cancer in the USA every single day. The risk for oral cancer has increased by over 300% in the last three decades. This is why we take oral cancer very seriously. Every single patient who walks into our practice gets a thorough risk assessment. We screen for oral cancer at EVERY EXAM. No exceptions. We also employ technology like the Velscope flashlight exam, a quick, easy and painless way to check for cellular changes before they are visible to the naked eye. Oral cancer is particularly scary because of how hard it is to detect. Over 80% of patients who are afflicted with oral cancer said that they hadn’t detected any symptoms at all before it was diagnosed in advanced stages by their doctors. If it is caught early, survival rates over five years almost double. So that is why it is very important to us to check often and check thoroughly.

Make sure your dentist is prevention based.

Our primary goal is prevention and we integrate this goal into every interaction with every single patient. For example, the xray system we have is the top of the line. Paired with high resolution patient education monitors we not only show you the dental fillings you already have, but we have the ability to show you “incipient lesions,” or small cavities that are just starting. That puts the reigns of control right back in your hands. When we arm you with the knowledge of places you are susceptible for getting a cavity, instead of just waiting until cavities from, you can keep the area clean and prevent the cavity from growing. We also use evidence based tools like fluoride varnish at every recall to help make sure you stay healthy without surgical intervention. We have many other tools like sealants, preventative resin restorations and others to help you achieve your oral health goals.

Make sure your dentist cares about you.

Caring for you and your family would be our privilege. We would cherish the chance to care for you and your loved ones. The American Dental Association recommends that when looking for a dental provider you should “above all, choose a dentist who can be a part of your total health care team. So much of your dental health can impact your overall health. Look for someone who can be a coach to motivate you, a trusted advisor to turn to when health issues arise and a partner to make dental care decisions with.” We hold the impact we can create for your oral and full body health in the highest esteem. We take this job very seriously but have fun along the way. If you are looking for a office with care, compassion, a gentle touch and laughter, look no further. Schedule your appointment today.

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