All the dentistry we do in our office is metal free. Which means that if you are getting a filling or a crown, the new addition to your mouth will be tooth colored.

Cavities happen and we know how important it is that in restoring the function of your smile, we also pay close attention to the esthetics. We want to restore your oral health without compromising esthetics. Which is why any fillings or restorations we do for you will also be beautiful, esthetic and natural looking.

What is a composite?

It is a material which is commonly used in dentistry to build your tooth back up after a cavity dissolves or decays your tooth structure. It is a dental filling which can safely and effectively protect your tooth after a cavity harms it. These fillings match your tooth structure so well and come in an array of colors which we custom pick to match your natural tooth structure. This means that once the cavity is filled, no one will be able to tell the difference!

Composite resin provide good durability in small- to medium-size fillings. They can withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing and biting and that is why they work well in both the front and back teeth.

If I have metal fillings, should I replace them?

That depends on many things including the health of the current fillings, the esthetic compromises, the risk for fracture and others. If the current fillings have any sign of defects or dental decay, then it is very important to replace them. When fillings have recurrent decay (or a cavity which formed under the filling) they can quickly impact the health of the tooth, escalating to a root canal, a crown, or even a dental infection (abcess) which can cause you to lose the tooth. So safely treating that cavity quickly and effectively is very important. Sometimes, replacing a metal filling can be done to avoid future fractures and will benefit in the long term health of the tooth in question. If you are worried, ask your dentist to explain the health of the current fillings. In our office, we like using intraoral cameras so you can see the cavity and see exactly why a filling must be replaced.

What are other tooth colored filling materials besides composite?

In some cases, we may recommend other tooth colored restorations apart from composite. The other major tooth colored option is ceramics or porcelain. These restorations are custom made for you in the lab or in a mill and can have great benefits like strength and esthetics. Your doctor can discuss with you what options are best for you.

How will you make sure the filling matches my other teeth?

We have a very specific shade guide which helps us custom match the shade for both composite and porcelain. This means that any fillings, crowns, bridges or implants we do will match the shade of your teeth exceptionally well.

Will these fillings get whiter if I whiten my teeth?

Fillings do not whiten when exposed to dental whitening so it is important to discuss plans for future whitening with your doctor. Many times, the doctor will make a custom treatment plan with you which takes the future whitening into consideration. It is important to us to make sure the end result of your healthy smile is beautiful too!

Why is an old tooth colored filling changing colors?

Old fillings can discolor overt time due to many reasons. Some of the fillings which are older may be built with a non-color stable material which can darken over time. Sometimes, fillings darken because they have a cavity underneath. If you are worried about a filling changing color, schedule a visit with us here so we can make sure things are still healthy.

What happens if an old filling material fell out?

If an old filling has fallen out, it is important to see a dentist quickly to see if there is a cavity underneath which cause the filling to fail. Cleaning out the cavity quickly afterwards will help keep the treatment minimally invasive and can even prevent you from needing something like  a root canal if the cavity goes all the way down to the nerve. If you see a big black, brown or white spot on a tooth or feel a void with your tongue, it is likely you are missing a filling which needs to be fixed. If this is a concern, call us and let us know.  We will get you in to assess the tooth!