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A bright beautiful smile is often the first things others notice about you. Having a smile that is beautiful and healthy can help instill confidence, create health and wellness and help you achieve the life you want.

But there are a lot of things which can discolor your teeth. Wine and coffee, two of life’s finest things, will definitely discolor your teeth among other things. Just the normal aging process will darken your teeth but this is reversible with professional whitening. Sodas, teas, smoking (both tobacco and marijuana), and some foods can also discolor your teeth. Professional teeth whitening can be very advantageous to help you re-establish a bright, white, youthful smile which you desire.

Why should I choose professional whitening over other options?

There are many options for whitening your teeth both in office and at home. Although things like at home whitening toothpastes and kits are popular, they have some short comings as compared to professionally administered systems. With treatment prescribed and administered by the dentist, you have an advocate which can help monitor the treatment and side effects very carefully. A dentally prescribed regimen for tooth whitening is your best bet for an effective and pain-free option for achieving a bright, white smile.  

With our professional help, you have three options for dental whitening in Parker, CO.

  1. At home kits – Professionally prescribed at home kits which are created by the same professional dental research companies that make our other great projects. This is a great option for a mini boost before an event or a great idea for a gift for a loved one!

  2. Take home whitening trays – This is our favorite option! We can quickly, easily and painlessly make trays which are perfectly form fitted to only your mouth. Then we give you professionally developed, safe and effective bleach vials which you then add to the trays in the comfort of your own home to whitening your teeth. This is a great option for those who have sensitive teeth or gums because we can alternate the whitening treatment with desensitizing medicines which can help you achieve the esthetic results you want on your own terms.

  3. In office whitening – If you are short on time and need great results quickly, we can do in office treatment. In two hours we can give you shades of whitening with the power of laser activation.

With our options, you can get reliable and amazing results immediately and safely. Our options offer comfort, convenience and can give you the smile you deserve.

I found this whitening method on Pinterest or on the internet. Is it safe?

We strongly discourage DIY whitening methods mostly because most of them cause irreparable damage to your teeth. For example, many of the common methods use lemon juice which is extremely acidic and can strip the enamel off of your teeth causing permanent damage. Many of these at home remedies can be ineffective and some even injurious to your health. We have many options which are safe, effective and affordable. So before you try something which maybe potentially detrimental to your teeth, allows us to help you find a safer alternative.

Will whitening cause sensitivity?

Whitening agents of the past were notorious for the sensitivity they caused. Although whitening is not without any risks, new improvements in formula and technology help us mitigate sensitivity significantly. Now, we use thicker peroxide gels which do a better job of peripherally whitening the teeth and not drifting into the gums. We also can help with sensitivity significantly by creating a custom routine which is right for you and by alternating with desensitizing agents which make the process more comfortable.

Can everyone whiten their teeth?

We want to make sure your teeth and gums and healthy before we whiten them. As long as we can re-establish gum, bone and teeth health, we should be able to whiten your teeth. Whitening also does not work on dental work you already have including crowns and fillings so if you have current dental work in the front, we can assess how to best whiten your teeth without compromising the esthetic outcomes.

Not all stains are responsive to whitening. If your teeth are discolored from things like tetracycline staining, discolored fillings, developmental defects in dentin or enamel, trauma, cavities or excessive fluoride exposure, then they will not respond to traditional whitening. But, in our practice, we have an array of non-invasive options which can help you achieve the smile you want. If you worry that your stains may not be ideal for whitening, schedule a free consultation for us to discuss your options to find the path which is right for you.

Can you whiten my teeth in the office?

We absolutely can! We have a special laser light which activates the gel to give you a create result in just a short two hour appointment. This is a great option if you have a special event coming up and don’t have the time for a more long term whitening option.

How can we measure how white my teeth got?

We have special shade guides specially built for teeth which helps us calculate what your current shade is and what the results of your whitening were. If you would like to learn more about the potential results and how we can show you them, schedule a free consultation now!

Does whitening last forever?

The whitening we provide is effective and can give great results but as teeth are dynamic and living, they are bound to rebound in color over time. We can help you maintain your beautiful new smile by creating a custom “touch-up” routine that works with your oral health and your lifestyle. And of course, daily brushing and flossing and regular checkups and cleanings can also help keep your smile beautiful and white.

As a patient of our practice, you can join our loyalty program, the Smiles for Life program for free and get free touch-ups for life.

How should I do a whitening “touch-up?”

This depends on the type of professional whitening you originally opt in for. If you do our take home custom made trays, the touchup is as easy as additional vials of the bleaching peroxide gel which we can give you when we start to see a change or relapse in shade. We can help you find the right option which is easy and effective.

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